Falling behind!

Last week for our projects we had to make moving lines in code and in CAD we had to make functional gears. I haven been falling behind because there is a lot of work that I am being expected to do in all classes and because I can not find a way around the “Illegal”…

Week – IDK

this week we made our faces extra creepy with moving eyes and we are supposed to continue our boats but my fusion is not working so ill have to figure it out later.

Week 4 projects

this week we made a moving ball for our coding challenge and a canoe for our fusion challenge.. my fusion was being weird so I only have half a canoe

Week 3 projects

For this week, the two projects we had were to create a lamp shade using cad, then create a random generated name mosaic in open processing.

Week 2 projects

Currently using my GAMING graphics card to do some cad work for the Corona assignment #8. haven’t shaved in weeks so enjoy this amazing facial hair while it last.

Osha training

This past week i’ve been working hard to finish the osha testing and i’ve also been helping linus make part of the battery container.

Lamp commission!

I recently had someone ask me to make one of these lamps for them in exchange for money! This project is practically due Wednesday. I have already finish the design for the acrylic and will soon finish the project.

Candy Launcher is almost complete!

The Candy Launcher is only missing the battery, board and mag. Soon the project will be a complete and portable launcher… watch out!

The Shop LED Lamp is Complete!

The final stage of the lamp is complete! its set with all the features I wanted and a spiffy paint job. The first development that it comes with, is the USB port, this was designed by Nico Polcaro and I am the first to implement it into my own design. The next is lighting from…